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    International Law Office Arbitration Updates

    February 2015 - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce introduces new Arbitration Centre Rules.pdf
    November 2014 - Change in competent court for arbitration-related disputes.pdf
    August 2014 - Decision for enforcement of arbitral award not required for preliminary.pdf
    May 2014 - New communiqué sets out international arbitration fee tariffs.pdf
    May 2013 - Impact of obligatory use of Turkish on validity of arbitration agreements.pdf
    December 2013 - Courts confirm International Arbitration Law does notapply retroactively.pdf
    September 2013 - Court ofAppeals finds ICC decision contrary to public policy.pdf
    May 2013 - The applicability ofthe law regarding the obligatory use of Turkish in agreements between twoTurkish parties on the validity of arbitration agreements.pdf
    February 2013 - No uncertain terms: dispositive sections of awards must be standalone.pdf
    November 2012 - Istanbul set to become international arbitration centre.pdf
    August 2012 - Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards subject to progressive court fees.pdf
    June 2012 - Bilateral investment treaties and international arbitration.pdf
    March 2012 - Chamber of Commerce forms working group to amend arbitration rules.pdf
    November 2011 - New code of obligations restricts arbitration in sales with instalment payments.pdf
    August 2011 - New Code of Civil Procedure regulates domestic arbitration.pdf
    May 2011 - Court of Appeals annuls arbitral award rendered after arbitration term expired.pdf
    January 2011 - Arbitration agreements in employment contracts found null and void.pdf
    November 2010 - Court of Appeals finds disputes regarding liens over ships unarbitrable.pdf
    May 2010 - Court of Appeals rules on parties' right to appoint arbitrators.pdf
    February 2010 - Court of Appeals issues view on objections on standing in arbitral proceedings.pdf
    October 2009 - Competent Authority to Decide on Validity of Arbitration Agreements.pdf
    March 2009 - Choice of Turkish Laws.pdf
    July 2009 - Legal Nature of Terms of Reference under Turkish Law.pdf
    December 2008 - Execution of Arbitration Agreement by Unauthorized Agent.pdf
    September 2008 - Settling Investment-Related Disputes, Implementation of the Washington Convention.pdf
    May 2008 - Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.pdf
    February 2008 - Statutory Mechanisms for Arbitration.pdf

    International Law Office Litigation Updates

    February 2015 - Litigation ruling reversed due to unclear and uncertain arbitration clause.pdf
    September 2014 - Harmonisation of conflicting judgments on appeals of preliminary injunction decisions.pdf
    May 2014 - Court rules that attorneys' fees are presumed to be paid in advance.pdf
    February 2014 - Uncertaintyremains regarding appeals of preliminary injunction decisions.pdf
    June 2013 - General assembly upholds enforcement of unreasoned foreign court decisions.pdf
    January 2013 - Statute of limitations and amendment of claim.pdf
    September 2012 - Appellate court reverses decision on good faith and acquisition of property.pdf
    June 2012 - Appeal court holds non-compete clause to be unconstitutional.pdf
    March 2012 - Court rules on entitlement for protection under work security provisions.pdf
    December 2011 - Council of State rules on transfer pricing in pharmaceutical industry.pdf
    September 2011 - Court rules on employers' right to monitor employee computer and email use.pdf
    July 2011 - Court rules on liability for secret recording of private conversations.pdf
    April 2011 - General Assembly rules on law that applies to talk show agreements.pdf
    February 2011 - Appeal court rules on workplace accidents outside Turkey.pdf
    December 2010 - Court rules on criteria for valid termination of employment agreements.pdf
    September 2010 - Council of State upholds tax courts' decision on capital replenishment funds.pdf
    July 2010 - Court of Appeals determines legal conditions for stay of bankruptcy.pdf
    May 2010 - Council of State to decide on tax courts' decisions on capital replenishment funds.pdf

    Other Publications

    European Investigations Guide 2018, Hogan Lovels International LLP, Turkey Chapter
    Tax World Magazine February 2015, "The latest tax ruling of Revenue Administration in relation to constituting permanent establishment in Turkey through a Turkish distributor company."
    Wolters Kluwer, Law and Business, Ali Yeşilırmak and İsmail G. Esin, Arbitration in Turkey, 2015, "Drafting Arbitration Agreements and Arbitrability
    Thomson Reuters, Product Liability, Jurisdictional comparisons, First Edition 2014, General Editors Annette Hughes, Corrs Chambers Westgarth & Rod Freeman, Hogan Lovells International LLP, "Turkey"
    Turkey Chapter in Investor Guide to Europe 2014
    The Lawyer, 20 February 2014, "Shareholder Rights
    IFLR Turkey / April 2013 / Implications of Changes in the Turkish Commercial Code Allowing Electronic Company Meetings
    Tax Analysts / May 2013 / Turkish Government Proposes New Tax Amnesty.pdf
    Global Legal Insights - Corporate Tax / 2013 / Tax Implications of Leveraged Buy-Out Structures in Turkey.pdf
    IFLR GUIDE TO TURKEY/2012/New Principles.pdf
    The Lawyer Briefing Turkey/January 2012/Turkey's First Dual Listing.pdf
    Güncel Hukuk /June 2011/Kazanılmış Haklar.pdf
    World Finance/September-October 2010/Implications of Turkey's Tax Code.pdf
    CNBC Law/July 2010/Capital Replenishment Fund.pdf
    Word Finance/January-February 2009/M&A Practices.pdf
    The European Antitrust Review/2009/Market Share Treshold.pdf
    The European Antitrust Review/2008/Non-competition Clauses.pdf
    Turkish Energy Arbitrations and the Question of Applicable Law.pdf


    • On 12 December 2017, Eda Cerrahoğlu, together with Nick Cherryman from the London Office of King & Spalding International LLP, hosted an Arbitration Roundtable titled International Commercial and Investment Treaty Arbitration. In-House Counsel and Representatives of select local and multinational companies were among participants.

    • On 2 February 2018, Eda Cerrahoğlu, made a panel presentation at the ASA Annual Conference 2018 on the topic of "Conflicting Assumptions on Instructions to Party and Tribunal Appointed Experts in International Arbitration".

    • Prof. Dr. Fadlullah Cerrahoğlu will be teaching for the fourth time this year on 24-25 April the lecture "Doing Business in Turkey" in the LLM Program at Fribourg University of Switzerland.




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